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Дискография: John Mayall
John Mayall



1964 Plays Mayall /Polygram
1965 John Mayall Plays John Mayall /Decca
1966 Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton /Deram
1967 A Hard Road/Deram
1967 Crusade/London
1967 The Blues Alone/ Deram
1968 Bare Wires / Deram
1968 Blues Giant/ Decca
1968 Blues from Laurel Canyon/Deram
1969 Laurel Canyon /London
1969 So Many Roads /Decca
1969 Live /Decca
1969 The Turning Point /Deram
1969 Empty Rooms /Polydor
1970 USA Union/Polydor
1971 Memories /Polydor
1971 Back to the Roots/Polydor
1971 Beyond the Turning Point /Polydor
1971 John Mayall: Live in Europe /London
1972 Jazz Blues Fusion [live]/Polydor
1973 Moving on /Polydor
1973 Ten Years Are Gone /Polydor
1974 Latest Edition /Polydor
1975 New Year, New Band, New Company /One Way
1975 Notice to Appear /One Way
1976 John Mayall /Polydor
1976 Banquet in Blues /One Way
1977 Lots of People /One Way
1978 Last of the British Blues /One Way
197 Bluesbreakers /A Hard Road /Decca
1985 Behind the Iron Curtain/GNP
1986 Some of My Best Friends Are Blues Decal/Charly
1988 Chicago Line /Island
1988 John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers / London
1990 A Sense of Place/Island
1993 Wake Up Call/Jive/Novus
1994 Return of the Bluebreakers /Aim
1994 John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers / One Way
1994 Cross Country Blues /One Way
1994 1982 Reunion Concert [live] /Repertoire
1995 Spinning Coin/Silvertone
1997 Blues for the Lost Days/Jive
1998 The Adventures of John Mayall /KRB
1999 Padlock on the Blues/Cleopatra
2000 Live at the Marquee/Spitfire
2000 Reaching for the Blues [live]/Purple Pyramid
2001 Along for the Ride/Red Ink
2001 The Turning Point [Bonus Tracks 2001]/Polydor
2001 Lost and Gone/Movie Play
2001 Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton/Uptown/Univers
2002 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers / Universal
Room to Move /Polygram
John Mayall's Blues Breakers Crusade /London


1967 Raw BluesDeram
1968 Diary of a Band, Vol. 1 /Decca
1968 Diary of a Band, Vol. 2 /Decca
1969 Looking Back /Deram
1969 The Best of John Mayall / Decca
1969 Collection Blanche /Decca
1969 Looking Back /[Vinyl]
1970 Diary of a Band /London
1970 The World of John Mayall, Vol. 1 /Decca
1971 The World of John Mayall, Vol. 2 /Decca
1971 Thru the Years/Deram
1973 Down the Line /Deram
1973 Star Portrait /Polydor
1974 Turning Point/Empty Rooms /Polydor
1977 Highlights /Polydor
1977 A Hard Core Package /One Way
1977 Primal Solos [live] /Deram
1978 Blues Roots /Decca
1979 Bottom Line /DJM
197 The Best of John Mayall /Polydor
1980 John Mayall Profile /Teldec
1981 Bluesbreakers Box Set /Teldecx
1982 Road Show Blues/DJM
1984 Stormy Monday /Decca
1986 The Collection /Castle
1987 Road Show/Magnum
1988 Archives to Eighties /Deram
1992 London Blues (1964-1969)/Deram
1992 Room to Move (1969-1974)/Polydor
1993 Life in the Jungle: Charly Blues Masterworks/Charly
1994 Bare Wires /Rebound
1998 As It All Began: The Best of John Mayall /Polydor
1998 Drivin' On: The ABC Years (1975-1982) /MCA
1998 Silver Tones: The Best of John Mayall /Jive
1999 Rock the Blues Tonight/Indigo
1999 Blues Power/Recall
2000 The Masters/Spitfire
2000 Blue for You/Dressed to
2000 New Year, New Band, New Company/ BGO
2001 Archive [live]/Import
2001 Steppin out: An Introduction to John Mayall/Universal
Blues Masterworks: Life /Charly
The Power of the Blues/Charly


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